Tony Robles has worked in television and cinema for years and has had multiple news articles feature his career.  

His resume includes:

  • Pool Consultant for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Season 1 & 3
  • Pool Consultant for CBS's Limitless
  • USA Network’s White Collar Season 3 Episode 15
  • Technical Adviser for Daytime Soap Opera All My Children
  • Billiard Consultant for ABC TV’s Pan Am.
  • Technical Adviser and Actor in the movie Turn the River with Famke Janssen (X-Men) and Rip Torn (Men in Black).
  • Feature Story in the New York Times, 2008
  • Feature Story in the New York Times, 2006
  • Feature Story in the New York Daily News, October 2004
  • Technical Adviser for Acuvue Color Contact Lenses Commercial February 2002
  • Acted in a Pharmaceutical Commercial on Network TV late 2001 early 2002
  • Feature article in the N.Y. Newsday on May 8, 2000
  • Technical Advisor for Holiday Macy’s Commercial in December of 1998
  • Feature article on Billiards Digest in May of 1998
  • Feature story on El Diario La Prensa in 1997
  • Appeared on Sabado Gigante in 1996
  • Feature story on the N.Y. Newsday in 1996
  • Feature story on NBC News October of 1994